Need help with an Arizona Trust or Trustee?  Are you a beneficiary or a trustee?  Trustees often need assistance with administration including responding to beneficiary requests or demands, or dealing with obstreperous beneficiaries.  Beneficiaries often need assistance obtaining information, obtaining their fair share, and making sure that the Trust is administered fairly according to its terms. Arizona Trust Lawyer

If you are an Ariz. trustee, you must provide beneficiaries with reasonable information including some specific information that must be provided at least once a year.  We can assist trustees with an “Annual Trustee Report” to be provided to beneficiaries.  We also have information on the fundamental duties of a trustee and a manual for successor trustees.  We provide guidance to trustees helping them to minimize or avoid liability.

If you are a beneficiary of an AZ trust, you are entitled to receive certain information.  You are also entitled to be treated fairly by the trustee.  Many self-directed trusts we have seen over the years, such as living trusts, are not managed properly by the original trustee/s.  Often, trustees neglect to allocate assets upon the first death of a married couple.  Compliance with the AZ Trust Code and the Arizona Revised Principal and Income Act is often less than stellar.  We help beneficiaries, plagued by an errant trustee, obtain their fair share.  A trustee may be removed (fired) by the Court for a number of reasons, and we can help beneficiaries remove or replace a trustee.

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