Wrongful death attorney Arizona


wrongful death attorney Arizona

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P.O. Box 2489
Prescott, Arizona 86302-2489

Delivery/office address:
1575 Plaza West Drive, Suite “A”
Prescott, AZ 86303-5569

Phone: 928-445-3230
Fax: 928/xxx-xxxx (permission required)

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Map & Directions:

Our office is situated in the Plaza West Commerce Centre, located at the intersection of Thumb Butte Road and Plaza Drive, near the Hassayampa Golf Club on the west side of Prescott.

Directions: Drive West on Gurley Street (the main East-West thoroughfare) from the Courthouse headed towards Thumb Butte. Travel about 2 miles past the Courthouse Plaza.

Continue West, past Gail Gardner Road and then past the shopping center. The name of the road changes from “Gurley Street” to “Thumb Butte Road.” Go toward Thumb Butte and the Hassayampa Golf Club, past the intersection of Plaza Drive (where the Bowling Alley is located). Prescott AZ death lawyer

Fifty (50) feet past the intersection of Plaza Drive and Thumb Butte Road is the entrance to Plaza West Commerce Centre. This is a group of commercial office buildings. The complex is located on the southeast corner of the intersection. Enter the complex and look for the building marked “1575.


Generally, our office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Mountain Standard Time, Mondays through Fridays. We are closed on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and the Friday after Thanksgiving. During the noon hour, the office may be closed. We also close on official Arizona state holidays, which are set forth in Arizona Revised Statutes, Section 1-301A:

The following days shall be holidays:
Sunday of each week.
January 1, “New Year’s Day”
Third Monday in January, “Martin Luther King, Jr./Civil Rights Day”
Third Monday in February, “Lincoln/Washington Presidents’ Day”
Second Sunday in May, “Mothers’ Day”
Last Monday in May, “Memorial Day”
Third Sunday in June, “Fathers’ Day”
July 4, “Independence Day”
First Sunday in August, “American Family Day”
First Monday in September, “Labor Day”
September 17, “Constitution Commemoration Day”
Second Monday in October, “Columbus Day”
November 11, “Veterans’ Day”
Fourth Thursday in November, “Thanksgiving Day”
December 25, “Christmas Day”
Wrongful death attorney Arizona
By state law, the “Constitution Commemoration Day” holiday is always celebrated on a Sunday. It is the practice of the firm to work on the Veterans’ Day holiday in exchange for taking the day after Thanksgiving off. Thus, even though Veterans’ Day is a state holiday, it is not a day off work and the day after Thanksgiving is taken as a day off work instead.  Although we do not close the office on Veterans’ Day, we always pay homage and respect to those who have dutifully served in our country’s armed forces. We thank veterans for the liberty and freedom they have given us. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made to protect America and to preserve our liberties and freedom.
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Wrongful death attorney Arizona

Wrongful death attorney Arizona
Wrongful death attorney Arizona